Audi Titanium Lug Bolt Set + Security

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Product: Titanium Audi Security

Weight per bolt = .09 lbs

Set Weight = 1.8 lbs

Thread: M14x1.5

Seat: Ball

Head: 17mm hex

Thread Length: 27mm

Quantity: 20

Security: Yes


SET INCLUDES 16 Titanium Bolts, 4 Titanium Security Bolts and 1 Titanium Security Socket.

Brand New Titanium lug nut set of 20 designed and manufactured for Audi (please verify measurements of your bolt before purchase). 100% aerospace grade titanium (certified). All of our threads are rolled not cut. 


*Custom lengths over OEM available for those using wheel spacers. Please provide us the spacer sizes and we will accommodate the bolt to the dimensions needed. Price increase is small and normally just covers the cost of raw material used.


Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium (Tikore's preferred material):
Yield Strength: 128,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 138,000psi
Shear Strength: 79,800psi
Density: .160 lb/in^3

Additional note: Grade 5 Titanium has an extremely high resistance to corrosion. 


Reviews (2)

Tom Morrow 30th Mar 2017

Titanium lug bolt set (polished)

Every car enthusiast appreciates quality and Tikore truly delivers. When I had new custom wheels mounted we installed a Tikore lug bolt and a regular lug bolt to compare. At that point, I realized this was money well spent! Fine lug bolts really makes a difference; can’t have nice shoes and cheap shoe laces! Additionally, I worked with Charlie and the quality of the customer service is top notch, great experience! By the way, I rarely take the time to write reviews, but Tikore earned it.

Don in Ohio 5th Aug 2013

My HRE wheel upgrade is competed with TiKORE Titanium Lugs!

I recently decided it was time to upgrade our 2011 Audi S4 with a beautiful new set of HRE R40 forged wheels. These wheels are gorgeous in a brush tinted clear finish, but the standard wheel lugs were just too blah in comparison. I also didn't like any of the readily available locking lug bolts I looked at. The solution was a set of TiKORE's Audi Titanium Lug Bolts with the Security Option. These bolts are machined beautifully, and the security bolt is essentially identical in appearance to the other bolts' heads. I also appreciate the lightness of the bolts, which nicely complements the lightness of our new wheels. The Specialty Socket for the Security Bolts is very simple to use, and has the same 17mm size as the bolt heads. I like its design better than the typical security sockets I've had in the past, which don't always seem to fit onto the security bolts with real precision. The security option was worth the extra cost in my opinion. Overall, I am very pleased with the TiKORE Titanium Bolt set for our Audi. They're everything I hoped they would be, and are a perfect match for our new wheels!

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