TiKORE + GOLDzilla

This morning we had Mike from Platinum Design Forged wheels bring in his 2012 Nissan R35 GT-R. With that being said he had a request for GOLD TiKORE titanium lugs to compliment the Satin Chrome vinyl wrap and gold fasteners on his wheels. After sending samples out, we went with Joe from Bananadizing to take our lug nuts to the next level. This opens up a an entire new market with TiKORE products and I look forward to the feedback. 

After anodizing, we then proceeded to laser etch the Platinum Forged wheels logo as well to set them off.

The lugs on his car were black and hidden, and to truly compliment the wheels adding TiKORE was the solution.

We had William Stern on board to work his magic as well inside the Dynamic Turbo shop.