Lotus Titanium Lug Bolt Set

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Product: Titanium Lotus Standard

Weight per bolt: .081lbs.

Set Weight: 1.62 lbs.

Thread: M12x1.5

Seat: Conical

Head: 17mm hex head

Thread Length: 27mm

Quantity: 16

Security: Upgrade Available


Brand New Titanium lug bolt set of 16 designed and manufactured for Lotus (please verify measurements of your bolt before purchase). 100% aerospace grade titanium (certified). All of our threads are rolled not cut.


*Custom lengths over OEM available for those using wheel spacers. Please provide us the spacer sizes and we will accommodate the bolt to the dimensions needed. Price increase is small and normally just covers the cost of raw material used. 


Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium (Tikore's preferred material):
Yield Strength: 128,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 138,000psi
Shear Strength: 79,800psi
Density: .160 lb/in^3

Additional note: Grade 5 Titanium has an extremely high resistance to corrosion. 


Reviews (1)

Kevin Maier 4th Jun 2013

Lug bolts with appeal and lightweight

Nice to see a top quality product available from a local company. Fit and finish are superb and half the weight of the OEM parts, plus they look great with the wheels. I would also point out that Tikore employees are highly professional, motivated and have the drive and ambition to make nothing but the best, even in America ;-) It's refreshing to see such a dedicated team making this level of product. Keep up the great work! Regards, KM

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