Porsche Titanium Two Piece Lug Bolt Set

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Product: Titanium 2-Piece Porsche Standard

Weight per bolt = .150 lbs

Set Weight = 3 lbs

Thread: M14x1.5

Seat: Ball

Head: 19mm hex

Thread Length: 27mm

Quantity: 20

Security: Upgrade Available


Brand New TiKORE Titanium Two Piece Lug Bolts for Porsche (set of 20). These bolts are made in the USA (not china like our competitors) and made from 100% aerospace certified material. 

*SECURITY SET INCLUDES 16 Titanium Bolts, 4 Titanium Security Bolts and 1 Titanium Security Socket.

This will fit all Porsche's with M14 x 1.5 threaded lug bolts with OEM Ball Seat. Will not fit aftermarket wheels with conical seats. However, we can manufacture custom conical seat lugs for those requirng them. 

The weight of the factory set is 4.11 lbs.
The weight of the TiKORE set is 3.00 lbs. TiKORE Engineering note, we made the security bolt and the regular bolt weigh the same. I know, it is impressive.

Please note the factory set features an aluminum ball seat, thus lighter weight in that area, but risk of wearing down the seat and oxidization of the aluminum. These bolts offer weight savings and an escape from the weathering that we all see from Porsche lug bolts.

Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium (Tikore's preferred material):
Yield Strength: 128,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 138,000psi
Shear Strength: 79,800psi
Density: .160 lb/in^3

Additional note: Grade 5 Titanium has an extremely high resistance to corrosion. 

As presented above, titanium bolts/nuts have a strength that is very comparable to grade 8 steel bolts/nuts that are used in high strength applications.

*Custom lengths over OEM available for those using wheel spacers. Please provide us the spacer sizes and we will accomodate the bolt to the dimensions needed. Price increase is small and normally just covers the cost of raw material used.


Reviews (5)

Mike 19th Sep 2015

Best Treat for Your Porsche

The titanium lug bolt set is simply exquisite. The bead blasted matte gray finish is both elegant and durable. Tikore also accommodated my request for extra long rear bolts because of my extra wide spacer. I believe they added 25mm to their regular design. These extra long bolts are exactly what's needed to work properly with my car. Excellent product and great customer service!

Hashim from Dubai 14th Aug 2014

Worth it!

1- Super customer service 2- Excellent quality product I just got mine and was happy even before they got installed! They are that good!!!!

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