TIKORE Tire Shine (Precision Series) – White/Coconut

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  • Provides a long lasting shine to your exterior rubber, vinyl, black plastics, and tires.
  • Works to protect your interior dashboard and leather.
  • Reconditions the original color of surfaces while minimizing fading.
  • Dry to the touch (non-greasy), unless your fingers are wet.
  • UV Protection.

TIKORE’s Tire & More Shine is a quick drying interior and exterior shining and cleaning product. The Shine is formulated to continually protect even after numerous washes and various weather conditions. TIKORE Shine penetrates deep into vinyl, rubber, tires, black plastic bumpers, mirrors, trims and bumper guards, door moldings and more delivering a deep, long-lasting dark finish.


How To Use:

1)     Apply by use of spray or for a more controlled application use an applicator sponge.

2)     Work into surface evenly using minimal chemical.

3)     Allow to dry and be sure to wipe off any excess chemical with a clean towel.


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7th May 2015

tire shine

Leaves a long lasting shine

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Additional Info