Comparison of Grade 5 & 8 Steel vs 7075 Aluminum vs Grade 5 Titanium

Grade 5 Alloy Steel (commonly used on automobiles for lug nut and lug bolt applications)
Yield Strength: 92,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 120,000psi
Shear Strength: 72,000psi
Density: .284 lb/in^3
Grade 8 Alloy Steel (used for lug nuts and lug bolts in high strength applications):
Yield Strength: 130,000 psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 150,000psi
Shear Strength: 90,000psi
Density: .284 lb/in^3
7075 Aluminum  (used on various automobiles for lug nut and lug bolt applications):
Yield Strength: 73,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 83,000psi
Shear Strength: 48,000psi
Density: .102 lb/in^3
Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium (Tikore's preferred material):
Yield Strength: 128,000psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 138,000psi
Shear Strength: 79,800psi
Density: .160 lb/in^3

Additional note: Titanium has an extremely high resistance to corrosion.

As presented above, titanium bolts/nuts have a strength that is very comparable to grade 8 steel bolts/nuts that are used in high strength applications. Furthermore, based on the density figure above grade 5 titanium is 45% lighter than steel components.